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Beaty Farms Cattle

All cattle offered for sale have been vaccinated with BoviShield Gold 5 FP +L5 or Cattlemaster 5 FP+L5 , Ultrabac (7-way and HS).  Beaty Farms is certified as a Texas Beef Quality Producer and we receive continuing education credits on safe and effective cattle handling practices.  The bulls have a current BSE exam and are guaranteed for 6 months to be a breeder.  We strive to produce high quality, low birth weight caving ease bulls.

How much is a good bull worth?

There are a lot of traits that are important in choosing a new herd bull. The number one trait that our buyers ask about is a low birth weight EPD. You can easily expect a bull to sire at least 100 calves. A low birth-weight bull might produce three more live calves than an average bull. At today's prices, a 500 pound calf @ $1.60/lb. is $800, and multiplied by 3 that's $2400 more money for using a better than average bull. This same formula works for weaning and yearling weights. The bottom line is that a better than average bull will cost more but he will make you considerably more money than the average bull.



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Cattle For Sale (Click on pictures to enlarge)

BF NORTHSTAR 742E R10340414
cowImage DOB: February 6, 2017
Price:  $3850
Description: REGISTERED BLACK BRANGUS HERD SIRE PROSPECT. Low BW 2-year old. Could be used on younger cattle.

BW 92 WW 640 YW 900

CED 4 BW .9 WW 23 YW 46 M 7 TM 18 CEM 3.9
BF PASSPORT 742E3 R 10352596
cowImage DOB: April 1, 2017
Price:  $3850
Description: REGISTERED BRANGUS HERD SIRE PROSPECT for mature cows. We don't recommend this bull for heifers because of his BW 3 EPD but he would be great for older cattle. With his above average WW and YW, he should add weaning and yearling weight pounds to his offspring.

BW 96 WW 586 YW 1210

CED 2.3 BW 3 WW 29 YW 49 M 8 TM 22 CEM 3.6
BF PASSPORT 742E4 R 10352597
cowImage DOB: April 8, 2017
Price:  $3850
Description: REGISTERED BRANGUS HERD BULL PROSPECT. Coming two-year old and ready to work.

BW 87 WW 515 YW 1085

CED 3.5 BW 1.8 WW 25 YW 42 M 5 TM 18 CEM 3.9
BF ONSTAR 742E5 R 10367944
cowImage DOB: May 25, 2017
Price:  $3850
Description: REGISTERED BLACK BRANGUS HERD SIRE PROSPECT. His BW EPD is average for the breed; with above average WW and YW his calves should be heavier than average at weaning and yearling. He would be a prospect for younger cattle.

BW 84 WW 500 YW 1065
CED 5.2 BW .9 WW 27 YW 49 M 7 TM 20 CEM 3.3
BF ONSTAR 102E1 R10389671
cowImage DOB: September 1, 2017
Price:  $3850
Description: REGISTERED BLACK BRANGUS HERD SIRE PROSPECT. Great young bull with moderate BW and high WW and YW.

BW 95 WW 608 YW 770

EPDs January 2019
CED 5.09 BW 1.6 WW28 YW 50 M 4 TM 18 CEM 3
BF PASSPORT 107D2 R10340401
cowImage DOB: November 24, 2016
Price:  $3850
Description: REGISTERED BLACK BRANGUS HERD SIRE PROSPECT. Coming 2-year old. Gentle and will make a great herd bull. Not recommended for heifers because of BW 2.2

BW 87 WW 536 YW 850
CED 3.09 BW 2.2 WW 24 YW 38 CEM 3.8
cowImage DOB: May 23, 2017
Price:  $3650
Description: COMMERCIAL BLACK BRANGUS HERD SIRE PROSPECT. No registration papers or EPDs are available on this 17 month-old bull but he is 100% Brangus. We recommend him for mature cows because of his heavy birth weight.

BW 98 WW 508 YW 1120

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